1. Took a jaunt out to Whiffen Spit near Sooke today. A grey day but the rain stayed away.

  2. Parked at the beach for some writing time

  3. Pretty flowers in Victoria, BC

  4. Meet Carlos - he’s our elderly grey cheeked parakeet

  5. Couldn’t resist this dog in the purple car next to us at Costco, and then the night sky tonight was amazing!

  6. More pictures from the neighbourhood

  7. Wandered through Chinatown this evening

  8. I met my writing group at Uptown this evening. I love the flowers and fountains at this mall. Also, I had to share a photo of my friend Emilie’s new artcard - her first one as a writer/illustrator to hand out at conferences.

  9. Playing with the macro lens again. It’s kinda creepy getting that close to things - bugs everywhere!

  10. Volksfest - Victoria, BC

  11. Oak Bay Marina

  12. Getting really close to things today, thanks to a new Olloclip lens - an early birthday present from a good friend

  13. Went for a stroll with a friend along the Westsong Walkway this evening

  14. More shots from around the neighborhood. That’s a shadow of our fig tree on the van.

  15. Tried taking some pictures in low light using the NightCap app on the phone. It was interesting to see how the camera adjusted the amount of light depending on where I tapped to focus on the screen.


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